Interactive Portfolio Website

Uneka is the premier industrial design partner for brands like Google, Fitbit, Adobe, Amazon, and many more. They needed a website that showcases the breadth and depth of their all-star talent.

An experience set in motion

Unboxing a new product for the first time is a brand-defining customer touchpoint. Our goal was to capture this essence in a digital medium.

This is an art of subtleties. Uneka has a wealth of high-definition video, so we used animation to give the video content space while embellishing static content with clever animations that result in life-like experiences of package design.

We maintained the vibe by animating the Uneka logo in interesting ways including a custom tool we developed to build any simple vector image using particles.

Particle animation
Component-Based Design System

We broke down each of the design elements and organized them into categories based on their specific uses. Then we created a toolkit allowing content creators to leverage these design elements to build highly-designed custom pages on the fly.

Fast performance, responsible usage

We build a lot of creative agency websites, and the biggest obstacle with nearly every one of them is managing page load while handling all these huge images and videos. The industry standard is websites that load in under two seconds. Just for funsies, we shot for one second – and we hit.

Some of that insane speed is due to the modern technology stack we chose for this project. The rest came from diligently eliminating or deferring unnecessary pixels from loading.

Here, we deferred images from loading until the user scrolled to them, electing to show a super small, tastefully-blurred image in its place. This made pages load seemingly in an instant. It also uses less data and power, an ever-important consideration for mobile users.