Marketing Website

Parallel Design Group is an award-winning interior design firm blending form and function to create beautiful, purposeful spaces. We built a website with those principles in mind.

Coming together.

Parallel Design Group’s focus on collaborating with their clients was an essential part of their re-brand with Co-motion (who straight up nailed it, by the way). The metaphor of coming together’ stuck out to us in their identity system, copy, and layout, so we emphasized this with tasteful animations.

No mockups, no problems.

One of the biggest reasons our agency partners love us is that they can pass us the ball whenever makes the most sense for them. Very rarely (only once) have we been given design comps for small screens. We work with our partners at various stages of a project to make sure a great mobile UX exists by the end – no matter what.

Stand back and let it breathe.

Parallel’s body of work embodies pragmatism and attention to detail. We illustrated this by subtly fading in new content as you scroll, showing only the most important information at any given time.

For the love of content.

Parallel views their engagements from two lenses, science and creativity. We created an intuitive content management experience that allows them to freely leverage several design components to tell both sides of this story however they see fit on each project.