Studio Portfolio Website

Co-motion is a design studio dedicated to building and launching new brands with world-class identity systems, brand collateral, packaging, and more. We helped them show off their great work, style, and personality.

The illest illustrations.

Co-motion excel at telling stories with minimalist illustrations. We brought them to life with CSS and JavaScript, because why not?

A design system to grow into.

Being a new company, Co-motion didn’t start out with a huge portfolio. We worked closely with them to build out a variety of design components they could use to showcase their current work and projects they hadn’t even knocked out of the park yet.

Let us make it easier on you.

Launching a new company is no easy task. We helped alleviate some of the burden of designing a new site by taking over on mobile UIs and animations. We even like to do stuff we’re not asked, like making the dopest contact form you’ll see today.

Sharing the love.

We were super stoked to be a part of launching Co-motion. We’ve been pushing each other to do better than our best work for over five years, and we couldn’t be happier or less surprised that they’ve been so successful.