Addy Award-Winning Portfolio Website

The Flatland is a serial award-winning creative agency known for its gritty writing and compelling design. Our job was to build a site that conveyed both with subtlety and wit.

Using animation to embody a personality

The Flatland is a decidedly rugged group of creatives. Their body of work is elegant but with an attitude. It’s humble, but it’s bold. Truly in a league of their own, they juxtapose these seemingly conflicting ideas with tremendous consistency.

Given a static design, the ball was in our court to convey the essence of The Flatland without taking anything away from the presentation of the work.

Feels like an app, isn’t.

At Oldspeake, we lust after making a website look, feel, and perform like a native app. We want to respond to user engagement immediately. We want to be immersive. Feeling like an app achieves the best of both worlds, as the web is much more open, discoverable, and accessible than the mobile app market will ever be.

One way we achieve this tactile look and feel is by hiding the loading where possible. Transitions between pages can be made fluid and create the perception of high performance. This extra effort in strategizing how to load new content pays dividends in the user experience.

We reduce the necessary effort of our design partners.

We are designers who think in code, making us an ideal partner for creatives. Co-motion delivered us high-fidelity desktop mockups and trusted us to fill in the blanks on the remaining screen sizes, reducing their workload by around 30%.

We rewarded their trust with some of the most fluid responsive layouts we’ve ever created. No hard jumps. No poorly proportioned type. No hiding content on small screens.

Go ahead, try and find a bad breakpoint.

Giving attention to the smallest details

We begin each project by breaking down design elements into the smallest reusable components that make sense. We develop these components one at a time, paying careful attention to how they scale, how they play with other components, and how they animate into the screen.

We play around with the timings until each component animation feels smooth and achieves a strong visual hierarchy.