Music for creatives

Abstract painting with blue, white and orange

I do a most un-creative thing. I use my calendar to block off time to be creative. I know. It sounds like the opposite of creativity. Scheduled think time?! But, it really works. At least, most of the time. Sometimes when I end up at the beginning of one of these glorious blocks of creative writing or thinking times, I wish I had taken the time in advance to create a playlist that would fit the mood.

So, I put together a few lists that seemed worthy of sharing. I hope you’ll find these to be helpful - or at the very least fun - the next time you embark on creative writing, design time, brainstorming, etc.

Despi’s Writing Playlist

Since I can’t write very well with lyrical music in the background, this one is filled with ambient nuggets and a few foreign language songs, too. Ok, ok, I know Youth Lagoon is in English, but somehow that voice sounds more like an instrument to me than words. The vibe is slow and steady through this playlist to keep things in the flow.

Creative Atmosphere Playlist

A collection of some of my favorite songs that always delight me. They are all over the place, but lots of 70s glam rock, some Indie stuff, random 50s nostalgia. If you like David Lynch movies, you’ll love this playlist.

In a [creative] MOOD

Ranging from loud and broody to low and moody, this playlist is a mix of the softer side of metal (is that a thing) to experimental rock. Pick this one for a rainy day or a sunny day that pissed you off.